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What makes MGIMO stand apart from other universities is its extraordinary environment that will make your MSc studies a major life milestone. We intend to nurture a new cohort of international technology leaders who will build up technological processes and develop competitive software products and services for international markets.

2 Years

Full-time/flexible study mode


Annual tuition fee

20 July

Admission deadline

Program Structure

The 2-year program comprises compulsory and recommended elective courses, entrepreneurship and innovation component as well as research activity and industry immersion.


Compulsory and recommended courses
  • 1.  System Theory and System Analysis
  • 2.  Mathematical and Economic Modeling for Software Applications
  • 3.  Strategic IT Management
  • 4.  IT Marketing and Artificial Intelligence
  • 5.  IT Enterprise Architecture
  • 6.  Information Security Methods
  • 7.  Global AI Market
  • 8.  Global Digital Economy
  • 9.  Software Design and Development
  • 10.  English
  • 11.  Digital Marketing
  • 12.  Coding for AI Products


Supplementary courses
  • 1.  Neuromarketing
  • 2.  Negotiations
  • 3.  Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • 4.  Digital Technologies in Financial Services
  • 5.  Business Process Automation
  • 6.  Introduction to Venture Finance


Innovation and entrepreneurship
  • 1.  Innovation Workshop
  • 2.  Fundamentals of Commercializing of Technological Advances


And also
  • 1.  Academic Research
  • 2.  Industry Immersion

Study tours to UK and Israel

Visits to the leading local tech companies and investment funds.

Our graduates shape their own futures by choosing from variety of career opportunities in industry and business:


Landing specialist positions such as Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Consultant in various industry sectors (IT, Finance, Telecom and others), Product Manager.


Starting a business on their own or through the extensive pool of experts, consultants and mentors from Microsoft, ADV and other partners.

How to apply

1. A statement of purpose

2. A portfolio demonstrating research and practical skills of the applicant, incl. participation in business contests

A successful graduate of our Program will have a deep understanding of:

Principles of design, development and promotion of technological products

Main methodologies in the field of practical applications of algorithmic database analytics

Digital economy fundamentals and their legal regulations

And also you will:


Understand key aspects of application development in data science


Learn how to translate complex applied problems from real life into the language of data science


Learn how to identify, formulate and solve non-standard strategic tasks placed by practical situations


Learn how to understand and create new business models of complex systems that arise in technical sciences


Learn how to choose and apply the most effective software tools, programming languages, data models, computing environments for modeling and visualization

Our teachers

Denis Gurko
Директор по цифровой трансформации и ИТ@АДВ
Alexey Yakushin
Доцент ВМК МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова, лаб. ОИТ
Irina Zernyshenko
Старший медиа менеджер @Unilever
Dr. Rand Hindi
CEO @Snips.ai
Eugeny Golod
Ex-директор EY
Arkady Sandler
Руководитель направления AI, MTS
Alexey Likuev
Partner @Gromado
Sergey Leonidchenko
Первый секретарь МИД России
Marina Koroleva
Ведущий научный сотрудник исследовательской компании «Нейротренд», специалист в области нейроэкономики и нейромаркетинга
Mark Shmulevich

Our mentors

Dmitry Korobkov
Chairman of the Board of Directors of ADV
Pavel Ershov
Senior VP at Acronis
Bud Goswami
Lead Data Scientist at Qubit
Niroshan Balasubramaniam
CEO Kaymu
Eyal Rabinovich
Octopus Ventures Investor
Alexey Shevtsov
Managing Director Blockchain Projects at VEB
Yury Linkov
Founder opendata technology in Russia
Vadim Fedchin
Partner at Etcetera.vc
Vasily Smekalov
VTB Capital, Private Equity and Special Situations, Executive Director
Vladimir Guber
4BIO Capital, Partner
Pavel Fedorov
Managing Partner at TheKey (Ключ) coworking chain
Petr Lukyanov
Partner at Quantum Wave Fund
Vitaly Polekhin
High Technology Industries Investor
Peter Bruce-Clark
COO at Social Impact Capital
Dmitry Khalin
CTO at Microsoft
Mikhail Rybchinskiy
GR at Microsoft
Yuri Krylov
COO at Neurogaming
Maria Leshcheva
Senior Product Manager at Amazon

Our curators

Academic Director
Anna Abramova
Associate Professor
Program Director
Elina Davidova
Investment Advisor at ADV

Preparing for education

MGIMO.AI strongly recommends that you take the following online courses before starting classes:

Introductory Courses

Intro to Computer Science I
Intro to Computer Science II
Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Additional Courses

Advanced Data Structures

Applications are accepted till July 20st inclusive

The admission and enrollment process includes several steps:


Prepare all documents and submit your application filling in the form on our website.


Have an interview with the Program coordinator.


Based on the results of each applicant’s overall performance, we will make a list of students to be enrolled for our Program.

Submit an application

To participate in the selection for the program, apply from June 20 to July 20 inclusive. The announcement of the final list will take place on July 31.

Submit an application


A visit to MGIMO is possible from Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm. To do this, send an application to admissions.ai@inno.mgimo.ru 48 hours before the expected date and wait for our confirmation.

76 Vernadskogo Avenue,
Moscow, Russia,

E: admissions.ai@inno.mgimo.ru
P1: +7 (925) 623-39-65
P2: +7 (903) 623-95-15